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Re: Complaint about Everest “University”

Everest started it. Prior to this, well, I honest didn’t know what Everest was. Long story short, Everest’s repeated phone calls irritated me so I tried to find out more about what “Everest” is. I came across a number of complaints similar to this one: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/education/everest.html

I guess institution that would phone market in such an annoying way is bound to be unethical in other areas.

Response: I agree with you. I can tell that this institution is highly unethical and suspicious because it calls me several times a day, every day, when I never gave them my number before. I never pick up so I don’t know what it wants. I also don’t know how it got my number to start with. I think the institution is very despicable for obtaining phone numbers (bought from shady sources perhaps) and then harass people constantly without permission.
Thank goodness I have call display. I’ve just called it and requested my number to be removed from the call database. It says it requires 30 days to activate my change. How professional.
just to reinforce, not only does this poor excuse of a ‘school’ calls people in such a harassing manner, it also obtains my number in a shady way, no doubt – since i’ve never even heard of Everest before. finally, any ‘university’ that so desperately markets itself is a big red flag in my book.

If you got bothered by them as well, call 513-275-1387. Press 1, then your 10 digit number, then 1, then 1 until the robot voice says “your request will be processed….”. That should get you off the hook.


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